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What is an Internet Failover Solution, and Why is it Important?

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A cable or fiber Internet outage can happen at any time. While this is an inconvenience for most residential Internet users, it can be detrimental to businesses and impact their bottom line. In particular, small businesses largely depend on terrestrial Internet service that’s delivered across miles of cable, fiber or DSL lines. The lines are frequently at risk of disruption from various different causes, leading to a frustrating and expensive loss of connectivity.  

For most small businesses, the difference between waiting out the storm or watching sales sink comes down to a dependable Internet backup solution.

What Causes Internet Outages?

There are various different factors that can cause an internet outage. Unfortunately, many of these are out of small business’s control. These can include:

  • Natural disasters including floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes
  • Hardware issues

  • Configuration issues
  • Line issues due to maintenance or weather

  • Network congestion

Since many of these can happen unexpectedly and without warning, it’s critical for small businesses to plan ahead for Internet downtime so they can be ready before it occurs.  

What is an Internet Failover Solution?

If you work in an office, your computer is most likely connected to a server and to the Internet.  Internet failover is the term that describes the process of automatically switching to a backup system.

For instance, larger companies with IT teams manage multiple servers. If something causes the first server to crash, they have a second server to kick in immediately. If something causes your first server to crash, your second server will take over so your work is unaffected. The same process can be setup for your Internet, even without an IT team to manually manage your servers.

By having two Internet connections through two different Internet providers, an issue with your primary connection won’t impact your ability to get online and work.

Why is a Failover Backup Solution Important?

There are many benefits with a backup solution. Internet backup can:

  • Reduce and even eliminate downtime when you experience an outage

  • Allow you to maintain great customer service

  • Give you the time to solve an Internet outage properly without rushing to find a ‘band-aid’ fix

  • Save you money, as the cost of a failover solution is far less than the potential cost of downtime and damaged reputation

Choosing an Internet Failover Solution for Your Business

Because of the large risks of Internet downtime, small business should consider contingency planning for outages. Small business owners should conduct research to understand the variety of backup Internet options and determine which is best for their small business’s needs.

When conducting the options available, it’s important to remember that the best backup solution is a true alternate path to connectivity, such as Satellite Internet. Satellite Internet Failover uses an entirely different path than terrestrial Internet solutions. By combining a terrestrial primary Internet connection with a satellite Internet failover, small business owners have the highest possible network availability that will allow them to maintain business operations during an Internet outage.

Take the Actions Necessary to Prepare Your Business

Even though the negative impact of Internet downtime is clear, studies show that only one in three business owners consider backup options to safeguard their critical business operations. The progressive small business owners who prepare for this risk and take advantage of cost-effective satellite backup will ultimately be ahead in the marketplace.  

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