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HughesNet Internet Continuity
HughesNet Ensures Internet Continuity for Indiana Retailer

As a small business owner who prides himself on high-quality service and selection, Sean Klingle needs a reliable network connection at his three “57 Liquors” stores to process credit card payments. He counts on the network to process customers’ credit card transactions within seconds. However, the weak and unreliable signal Sean received from his primary Internet provider frequently led to outages, lost sales, and unhappy customers.

One day, when an Internet outage blocked credit card transactions, a frustrated customer left $80 worth of merchandise on the counter. That was the tipping point for Sean. His business needed a back-up Internet provider, and so he turned to HughesNet® Internet Continuity.

With credit cards increasingly becoming Americans’ primary form of payment—even for small transactions— Sean considers online processing essential to maintaining the high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty he’s cultivated over the years at his stores in Worthington, Odon, and Petersburg, Indiana. Sean estimates that credit card usage across his business has grown from 35% of sales 10 years ago to 60% today— and climbing.

With HughesNet Internet Continuity in place, anytime there is a primary outage, HughesNet takes over the connection automatically, and Sean’s employees seamlessly continue processing card payments. When the primary service comes back online, HughesNet switches the connection back within seconds.

Not only has Sean gained new customers, but it’s given him and his employees security and peace of mind to run the business efficiently without unnecessary interruption. “No hassle for the customer. They usually don’t even know the Internet went down,” says Sean.

For Sean, Internet continuity is fundamental to his business: “Having good Internet, good bandwidth, and a backup Internet built-in like HughesNet to cover you and have as a failsafe is what everyone’s going to need to keep satisfying customers and growing sales.”

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