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Three Reasons Why Internet Backup is Crucial for Your Small Business

internet backup

Businesses are more dependent on the Internet than ever before. From point-of-sale software to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), many daily tools that businesses rely on require an Internet connection. Because of this, Internet downtime can have serious implications for businesses of all sizes. If your business experiences an Internet outage, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with the appropriate backup solution. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of Internet backup and outline why an Internet backup solution is critical to prepare your small business for the unexpected. 

What Is Internet Backup?

Even with a reliable Internet carrier, outages happen. Internet outages are highly unpredictable and can be linked to natural disasters, weather, various forms of construction, road work, and other man-made accidents, such as a worker accidentally cutting the wrong cable. Since many of these problems happen without warning, it’s critical for a business to plan ahead for Internet downtime so that they’re prepared long before disaster leaves their business unconnected.

An Internet backup solution is the best way a business can prepare for an unforeseen outage. If you experience Internet downtime with your primary Internet service, all data and communications will automatically be rerouted to your Internet backup solution to minimize business disruption. Depending on your location, there are many types of Internet failover solutions that may be available for your business. Some of the more common high-speed Internet options include satellite, cable, fiber, DSL, wireless, and cellular Internet access.

The following are a few reasons why an Internet backup solution is important for businesses:

1. It mitigates financial loss

For small businesses that depend on Internet access for their business operations, the risk of an outage is too large to ignore. Without Internet, most businesses are unable to process orders and credit card payments, causing them to lose revenue. According to Small Business Trends, a majority of businesses need more than one hour to recover from a crashed application. On average, it can cost each business $10,000 for every hour of downtime. Even a temporary Internet outage means major disruptions in business processes, productivity, and revenue opportunities.

Having Internet backup can protect your business against failure of internal and customer‑facing communication, inability to access important data, and ultimately lost revenue.

2. It increases competitive advantage

Having an Internet backup in place will help you stand out from your competitors when an Internet outage occurs and you can continue to provide services with no interruptions or delays. This will convince customers to choose your business over competitors. Customers will know your services are reliable even during disasters, increasing their trust in your brand.

3. It meets legal regulation

Internet backup is necessary for any industry that relies on access to critical data and communications. For example, in the healthcare industry, regulators require businesses to resume operations with little to no disruptions—even in the event of a disaster—and to have an extensive disaster recovery plan in place. A backup wireless Internet connection will help these types of businesses maintain uninterrupted connections and uphold legal regulations. 

Don't let your business be at risk of Internet downtime. Take action and consider which Internet backup solution will work best with your specific business needs so that you can maintain operations in the midst of an unforeseen circumstance. To learn more, check out our post, How to Choose an Internet backup Solution for Your Business.

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