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The Importance of Backup Internet for Healthcare Providers

healthcare internet backup

In today’s digital age, healthcare businesses of all sizes are dependent on the continuity of their business Internet connection. An Internet outage poses risks to healthcare organizations and can impact their ability to access critical electronic healthcare documents.

Healthcare providers should consider an Internet failover solution to ensure connectivity when outages occur. Internet backup solutions are an essential part of running successful healthcare businesses and ensuring high-quality patient care.

The Importance of Continued Communications

An Internet failover connection will allow critical communications to continue. This includes corresponding with a physician located at another branch, sending medical records to a partner facility, and maintaining communication with patients.

Having a secure and reliable backup Internet connection will help medical facilities and general practitioners avoid delays in transferring information and have uninterrupted connections with each other and with patients.

Choosing a Failover Network for Healthcare Providers

Many facilities install multiple fiber circuits or digital subscriber lines (DSLs), hoping that this will give them the desired protection. In reality, if one of these lines go down, the other will as well. It is recommended to install two different types of connections that increase protection against Internet downtime. Satellite Internet is a reliable and affordable option for backup Internet for a variety of reasons.

  1. Satellite Internet is less vulnerable to the terrestrial dangers that could affect your DSL or cable connection. If a human error or natural disaster knock your business offline, satellite Internet will enable you to remain connected.
  2. The transition from your primary service to your backup service is automatic and eliminates downtime in the event your primary connection fails.
  3. Satellite Internet provides protection against costly Internet outages at a more affordable price than terrestrial backup solutions.

Adding satellite Internet to your primary Internet connection can help you provide high-quality patient care in the event the primary connection fails.


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