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Five Tips to Avoid Business Disruption Due to Network and Connectivity Issues


When it comes to running a business, even a temporary Internet outage can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the most common causes for Internet downtime and connectivity issues are very preventable. In this post, we’ll walk through the top four ways to prevent network downtime and Internet outages for your business.

1. Examine Your System for Weaknesses

If your small business experiences Internet Downtime, you should first examine where the issue originated. For example, if your office suddenly loses power, it’s important to understand if it was caused by a widespread failure or just a simple blown fuse. By answering this question, you’ll know how to fix the issue.

Likewise, when preparing for downtime, you should consider both external and internal threats. Threats can come in many forms – from an advanced cybercriminal hacking into your system to an employee accidentally tripping over a power cord. To set yourself up for success, it’s important to consider all scenarios.

2. Have an Internet Backup Solution in Place

Even with a reliable Internet carrier, outages happen. Internet outages are highly unpredictable and can be linked to natural disasters, weather, various forms of construction, road work, and other man-made accidents, such as a worker accidentally cutting the wrong cable. Since many of these problems happen without warning, it’s critical for a business to plan ahead for Internet downtime so that they’re prepared long before disaster leaves their business unconnected.

An Internet Failover solution is the best way a business can prepare for an unforeseen outage. If you experience Internet downtime with your primary service, all data and communications will automatically be rerouted to your Internet backup solution to minimize business disruption. There are many different types of Internet failover solutions available for your business. Some of the more common high-speed Internet options include satellite, cable, fiber, DSL, wireless, and cellular Internet access.

3. Employ a Backup Power Connection

Many regions across the United States have experienced large-scale power blackouts over the last few years. Even if you’re not in one of these areas, any building can be at risk of power loss, whether caused by a storm or construction. If an unexpected power outage occurs during work hours, your systems and Internet will likely go down which can be a detriment to productivity. Even if your backup power generators come online a few minutes later, your employees may lose hours of unsaved work.

To protect your business from this scenario, you can consider investing in an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The second you lose power, a UPS will launch, preventing your employees from experiencing any downtime or losing work. Backup power is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes to protect against network and connectivity issues.

4. Consider a Mobile-Ready Voice Solution

Reliable communication is critical for business operations. Unfortunately, even the quickest Internet outage can have a huge impact on small business communication. If you chose a mobile-ready voice solution, your business will be able to maintain reliable communications with employees and customers, even when your Internet and desk phones are down.

While mobile applications can help maintain business continuity during unexpected downtime, they can also help improve productivity during normal times. With mobile-ready voice solutions, your employees can continue to conduct business on-the-go after they leave the office.

5. Ensure Hardware is Up to Date

As a small business owner, you know that technology can fail. To reduce the risk of downtime and maintain business continuity, make sure that all your devices and hardware are up to date. Building redundancy is another great way to prevent a single technology failure from impacting your entire network.    

Don't let your business be at risk of network and Internet downtime. Prepare for the worst so your business can maintain operations during the unexpected. To learn more, check out our post, How to Choose an Internet backup Solution for Your Business.

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