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Five Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Have a Business Continuity Preparation Plan in Place

small business continuity plan

Many unexpected issues can cripple your online business, including natural disasters and hardware failure. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) simply can’t afford to such costly events. An effective small business continuity plan is the best way to save yourself from any losses due to unexpected issues. In this post, we’ll discuss how having an Internet business continuity plan can protect your company.

1. Enables immediate action

A detailed Internet business continuity plan outlines how to address different disaster scenarios. This allows your employees to mitigate the issue quickly and minimize its negative impact on your business. It also helps your business to resume operations as fast as possible without missing any deadlines or delaying delivery.

2. Mitigates financial loss

A business continuity preparation plan minimizes downtime by laying out a guide for backup and recovery procedures, and ensures that you'll always have access to the resources you need to do work. This will allow you to deliver your products or services to customers on time and avoid missing any new business opportunities, ultimiately mitigrating financial loss.

3. Increases competitive advantage

Having a business continuity plan will help you stand out from your competitors. The fact that you can provide services with little to no interruptions or delays can convince potential customers to choose your company over another. A strong business continuity plan can also improve reputation and brand loyalty. Customers will trust your brand knowing that your services are reliable, even during disasters.

5. Meets legal regulations

An Internet business continuity plan is necessary for any industry that handles highly sensitive data, such as companies the healthcare industry. Regulators require businesses to be able to keep data secure and resume operations with little to no disruptions even in the event of a disaster. For example, all healthcare providers must have data backup, disaster recovery, and emergency plans as part of their business continuity plan.

Besides the ones we have mentioned above, there are other benefits to having a business continuity plan, including having peace of mind, identifying risks before they become problematic, improving work processes, and enhancing internal communication. We recommend you consider putting together your business continuity plan to make sure that your business is set up for success and equipped to deal with the unexpected.


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