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The Best Free Password Managers to Protect Your Business

small business cyber security

We live in an age where data breaches and ransomware attacks regularly break the news, and businesses of all sizes are vulnerable, especially if you promote your business on the Internet.

According to Hiscox, 47 percent of small businesses experience at least one cyber attack or data breach over the course of one year.

As we discussed in our post, Easy Tips to Improve the Cybersecurity Practices of Your Business, password security is one way you can protect your small business from a cyber attack. Password security relies on using strong, distinct passwords for any technology that you use, including, but not limited to, your business wi-fi router, your secure modem, your website and any other third-party tools you use to get your business done.

What is a Password Manager for Small Business?

A password manager is a tool that makes this process easy. It can create and store long, complicated and strong passwords across all your accounts. It can also securely store other critical information like credit card numbers, home addresses and answers to security questions so that your business services, including your small business Internet connection, are safe from attack.

In this post, we'll explore top free password managers for every business – depending on the browser types you typically use to conduct business.

1. LastPass 

Works on any browser; iOS and Android devices

LastPass is a browser extension that allows you to log in automatically across sites and sync each of your passwords under one master password. You can add and securely store payment information to the tool which allows you to check out online much faster. You can even upload and store important documents and/or images. While LastPass can work as an extension on any browser, it also has a standalone app that is incredibly useful and user-friendly. The app offers a special analysis feature that scans all of your passwords across sites and tips to improve your security.  

2. Sticky Password 

Works on any browser; Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Sticky Password allows you to log in securely and keep track of your passwords wherever you go. It is a great user-friendly, all-in-one tool with impressive free features like auto-fill and form filling, password management, and two-factor authentication. The tool was even voted as an effective tool by PCMag's Editors' Choice. The cloud backup is only available in the paid version, but the free version offers the option to sync your data across Wi-Fi.

3. Firefox Password Manager 

Works on Firefox browser

If you primarily use Firefox to conduct business on the Internet, it may make sense to use Firefox's free built-in password manager. To access the tool, navigate to your Firefox menu and select "Preferences", "Privacy & Security" and "Saved Logins".  Here you can create secure passwords, access hidden passwords and import passwords from other browsers like Chrome or Internet Explorer. This tool is a safe and easy way for Firefox users to keep their identity safe.  

4. Keychain 

Works on iOS and OS X devices

If you typically only use iOS and OS X devices, you can use Apple's free built-in password manager, Keychain. It has all basic functionality including suggesting strong passwords and managing passwords, account numbers, and other confidential information all in one place. Additionally, the tool keeps all passwords and information up to date across your accounts.

5. KeePass 

Works on Windows systems

KeePass is one of the best open-source password managers that is primarily designed for Windows systems. It offers strong encryption options, easy exporting, advanced search features, and more. It can run on a USB stick so you can sync it up to different devices. The tool also lets you easily organize and sort your passwords and stored information.

While small business Internet presents vast opportunities to grow your business, it also introduces potential cyber threats. Password managers are simple tools that can be implemented by everyone in your business to make sure your organization’s data remains safe and protected.

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