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HughesNet Internet Continuity

3 Reasons an Internet Failover Solution Is Worth the Investment


Preparing for business disruptions might not be at the top of your small business priority list – but it should be! It is one of the most critical activities for small businesses today, especially when it comes to Internet failure. 

Internet downtime can happen at any moment– whether caused by a cyberattack, natural disaster or even an accidental snip of a wire– and can have a direct and lasting impact on businesses of all sizes. Having an Internet failover solution firmly in place helps minimize costly downtime disruptions that can damage your company's productivity, bottom line and reputation. 

Internet continuity is not just a line item in your small business budget, but a lifeline for maintaining business operations. Just in case you need some added encouragement, we’ve compiled a list of three reasons why employing an Internet failover solution is worth it for your small business.

1. Redundancy = Reassurance

You’re not wrong to associate the word redundancy with inefficiency in common practice. But in the case of Internet failover, however, redundancy actually means peace of mind that your business operations can continue with the least amount of impact. In other words, redundancy should be seen as an asset and not an expense.

Redundancy, as it relates to connectivity, simply means that a backup Internet connection is in place to activate in the event your primary connection experiences Internet downtime. Redundancy is a best practice for all businesses that rely on an Internet connection to conduct daily activities, as it offers the comfort and confidence that your business can continue as usual under any circumstances.

2. Effects on Profitability

A reliable Internet connection is arguably one of the most critical assets of small businesses today. From the moment your small business experiences Internet downtime– and each minute after– you run the risk of losing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Consider some of the hidden costs your small business may experience without Internet continuity in place:

  • Lost revenue from sales transactions that are unable to be processed

  • Late fees incurred if payments to suppliers or vendors are not processed on time

  • Emergency repairs for systems that may have been impacted from an Internet outage 

  • Salaries paid to employees who are unable to perform their duties

  • Extra salaries paid for overtime work if productivity is impacted during normal hours

  • Future business lost due to lack of trust from customers

For an example and instructions on how to calculate the potential cost of Internet downtime for your business, check out this post.

3. Reputation and Customer Loyalty

If your small business experiences disruptions due to an Internet outage, your ability to serve your customers and meet their expectations could be critically affected. Without an Internet failover solution in place, customers may be unable to purchase your products or make transactions, contact you for customer service and support, or receive shipments and services in a timely manner. All of these things could affect the way customers think about your brand, leading to long-term reputation and customer loyalty issues. 

Though the thought of planning for Internet downtime can seem daunting, it gets a lot easier when you compare it with the alternative – the consequences of having no plan B when plan A falls through. Contact us today to learn more about employing the HughesNet Internet Continuity solution for your small business, so you’re never left without backup.


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