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Tips to Create an Effective Long-Term Crisis Communication Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the event of an emergency, quick communication is critical. That’s why all businesses should have a crisis communication plan in place. A crisis communication plan outlines the steps a business should take to communicate with all key stakeholders and customers in the event of an emergency
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internet backup
Three Reasons Why Internet Backup is Crucial for Your Small Business
Businesses are more dependent on the Internet than ever before. From point-of-sale software to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), many daily tools
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A Reopening Checklist to Mitigate COVID-19 Risk and Maintain Small Business Continuity
As many businesses across the country begin to open their doors, they must develop plans to ensure that they are keeping employees and customers safe while
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Three Steps That May Save Your Business After a Data Breach
While you may think large organizations are the main target of cyberattacks, small businesses are at risk as well. According to CNBC, small businesses are
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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Remote Employees
In an increasingly digital world, businesses are forced to adapt and allow for changes in their common practices, such as remote work. Remote work can seem
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How to Develop a Successful Small Business Continuity Plan for Your Law Firm
A successful small business continuity plan (BCP) is critical for law firms to prepare for unexpected events and avoid potential liabilities. Most
small business emergency pandemic tips
Emergency Preparedness Tips if Employees Can't Work from Home during a Pandemic
Businesses around the world have swiftly changed their workplace policies under the circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Many major corporations